Mumbai airport goes green, replacing water with ammonia-breaking bacteria

Mumbai airport goes green, replacing water with ammonia-breaking bacteria

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Mumbai’s Chhattrapati Shivaji International Airport recently adopted a method to reduce the use of water in its urinals and cleaning of floors. In the process, the airport has managed to save one lakh liters (roughly 26,000 gallons) of water each day.

According to the Mumbai Mirror, officials have introduced ammonia-feeding bacteria in urinals.

The bacteria convert the ammonia generated, due to uric acid accumulation to nitrogen, as soon as the toilet is used.

Airport authorities said they are using a mixture of microbes to do away with using water in its men's urinals and in mopping its 1,400 acres of floor space across Terminal 2.

Airport authorities said the toilets weren’t being used the way they were supposed to be. This left the urinals dirty and frequent cleaning was never the solution.

To begin with, airport officials disconnected the auto-sensors connected to the flush, and replaced its water connection with a green mixture comprising of enzymes and bacteria.

Besides 200 washrooms, the mixture is also being used to clean 4 lakh odd square meters of surface area at the integrated terminal. Unlike conventional methods of cleaning, which require regular touch-ups, the bacteria in the mixture work round the clock.

The Indian Green Building Certification (IGBC) has already certified the airport with a platinum rating, thanks to the green initiatives undertaken. A green audit undertaken awarded a score of 94 points to T2, the highest score to date based on its performance in site and facility management, water efficiency, energy efficiency, health and comfort and innovation.

MIAL's use of green chemicals for cleaning and addition to rooftop solar power generation at T2 helped garner the most points under evaluation.

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